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Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

Vacuum Massage Cellulite Removal Appliance Combining Vacuum Suction & Massage, Helps Tone Up The Skin, Stimulates Lymphatic And Blood Circulation, Assists In Body Contouring, Helps Eliminate Toxin, Relaxes And Rejuvenates, Reduce Fatty Deposits On The Thighs, Abdomen And Buttocks, Improves Areas Of Cellulite, To Treat Areas Of Non-Medical Swelling: This Tissue Fluid Accumulation Is Described As Oedema

50 Minutes

10 week course £350

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)        

Increased Fluid And Waste Elimination Through An Improved Lymphatic Circulation, Beneficial To Improve The Appearance Of A Cellulite Condition, Posture Improvement Achieved Through Increasing Muscle Tone In Over-Stretched Muscles, Improved Appearance Of The Body Contour As The Muscle Tighten, Having A Slimming Effect, Increased Metabolism Of The Stimulated Muscle,

Recommended 2 Treatment areas

  • Waist & Buttocks
  • Abdomen & Thigh/Hamstring
  • Stomach & Inside Thigh/Buttocks
  • Bust/Arm & Calf Muscles
  • Thighs & Top of Arms & Back 
30 Minutes

Course 10 treatments £270

Ultimate Non-Surgical Bust Lift           

Works By Causing The Muscles To Flex And Relax Which Is An Effective Method Of ‘Re‐Educating’, Strengthening, Firming And Toning Slack, Muscles. Micro Current Improves Blood Flow And Increases The Supply Of Vital Nutrients To The Muscle Tissue And Individual Muscle Fibres Improving The Tone And Quality Of The Skin. By Improving Blood Circulation The Overall Health, Function And Appearance Of The Skin Is Greatly Enhanced.

60 Minutes

Course 10 treatments £360

Shrinking Violet Body Wrap

Made by Tibby Olivier, is the most powerful body wrapping product and is simply an outstanding, revolutionary inch loss solution.
90 Minutes


course of 6 treatments: £310

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